How to speed up your metabolism

How to speed up your metabolism

The intensity of metabolism depends on many factors: gender, age, genes, height, physique, as well as the emotional state of a person, hormonal balance. It is clear that many of these indicators cannot be changed. But don’t despair—something can be done. Many people already know what low metabolism is. This exchange leads to the appearance of fat deposits, loss of physical strength, decreased immunity and various diseases. It often causes apathy and depression.

What is needed to speed up metabolism:

1) Physical activity
Regular exercise will help restore muscle tissue and speed up metabolism. As you know, they are the ones who cope well with excess weight. The fat burning process continues for about an hour after completing physical exercise. Any movement is suitable for burning calories, for example walking, cycling, cleaning the apartment, shopping, climbing stairs.

By the end of the day, the pace of human life decreases. Therefore, if you do exercise in the evening, the acceleration of metabolism will last for several more hours, and even during sleep, fat will continue to be burned.

2) Increased muscle mass
Muscle cells use more calories than fat cells. 500 g of muscle tissue spends 35-45 calories per day, and 500 g of fat spends only about two. Therefore, the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn every minute of the day, whether you’re walking or just watching TV. However, additional protein sources should be used.

3) Sleep
Good sleep helps the body produce growth hormone, which in turn speeds up metabolism and, as a result, burns calories and leads to weight loss. Deep sleep, first of all, helps to renew brain cells, and this, accordingly, leads to an acceleration of the metabolic process.

4) Water
One of the most important participants in the metabolic process in the human body is water. It suppresses appetite and helps to attract stored fats into the metabolic process. Water is the basis of metabolism. To speed up your metabolism, it is recommended to drink about two liters of water per day. If you consume it in insufficient quantities, it can significantly slow down your metabolism – since the main task of the liver in this case will be to replenish fluid reserves in the body, and not to burn fat.

5) Sun
Sun rays increase human activity, speed up metabolism, promote the synthesis of vitamin D. They can have a positive effect on the general condition, stabilize and activate the body’s defenses. So don’t sit at home on a sunny day!

6) Fresh air
Oxygen causes accelerated metabolism and burns subcutaneous fat.

7) Active sex
Also speeds up metabolism. Orgasm – all this has a physiological meaning: the blood is rapidly saturated with oxygen, tissue nutrition improves and metabolism increases.

8) Avoid stress
Stress negatively affects metabolism. It releases fatty acids, which are redistributed throughout the circulatory system and stored in fat.

9) Contrast shower
To speed up metabolism and keep the body elastic, it is recommended to take a contrast shower. This procedure always ends with cold water.
10) Vitamins
B6 and other vitamins. Vitamins really enhance metabolism in cells.

11) Chromium
Speeds up metabolism, processing fats and carbohydrates, regulates the flow of sugar into the blood.

Quite a lot of chromium is found in beef liver, bran, grain, milk, fish, shrimp, crab, brewer’s yeast, and sea fish.

12) Carbohydrates, calcium and fiber

Carbohydrates, together with fiber, are absorbed quite slowly. In other words, they increase metabolism, maintaining insulin levels in the blood for several hours. If insulin levels in the blood fluctuate, the body takes this as an alarm and begins to accumulate strategic reserves of fat. And if this indicator is normal, the metabolic rate increases by 10%, and sometimes more. Calcium also helps speed up the metabolic process. The results of studies by British nutritionists indicate that overweight people who increased their daily calcium intake to 1200-1300 mg lost weight twice as fast as those who received calcium within the normal daily norm.

13) Iodine
Iodine helps activate the thyroid gland, which accordingly speeds up metabolism. A large amount of iodine is found in seaweed. Also, by chewing and swallowing 6 apple seeds, you will get your daily requirement of iodine.

14) Lemons
Lemon restores metabolism and improves immunity. Drink regular still water with lemon – this will enhance your metabolism and fat burning process.

16) Laughter
As a result of intense laughter, your metabolic rate increases by 20%. Other “non-athletic” activities that can increase your metabolic rate include involuntary movements (fidgeting) and squatting or bending movements.

Active people cannot sit still. It is a known fact that they are usually thinner and burn about 350 more calories per day than calm people, which is about five kilograms of fat per year.

In conclusion, we should note the main directions on the path to accelerating metabolism so that everyone can apply this in their lives. So:

1. Movement. And exactly the one that is closest to you. It needs to evoke positive emotions. If you think that of all the movements you enjoy most, lying on the couch, you have painted yourself into a hole. We need to start moving. Gradually, but purposefully, and soon speed up your metabolism.

2. Sleep and other needs should be complete.

3. A balanced and varied diet will help speed up your metabolism.

4. Liquid, as needed and without restrictions. It’s better to take an extra sip than to swallow an extra bite.

5. Positive emotions will help speed up your metabolism. And the body will not spare any of its strategic reserves. Do you remember how easily your kilograms fell off during happy mutual love?!

In general, your metabolic rate depends on your desire to live and positive attitude.

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