Leather Jackets For Women

It This Model Leather Jackets For Women

There’s no other piece of clothing that has a long history of profound and direct fashion statement. Leather jackets for women demonstrate that she can be confident and have an outgoing attitude to life.

Leather Jackets For Women

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Leather jackets are usually not cheap. They are designed for to last in most weather conditions. Also, they’re rarely go out of fashion and can be used for most social settings like dinner party, concerts, travelling and other environment.

Leather jackets are usually black and require proper care by storing it on a hanger coat to remove wrinkling and you should wipe off any dirt or stains immediately.

How To Care for Women’s Leather Jackets

Fortunately, leather jackets are really easy to clean and look after. They are very hardy and can handle most conditions. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t want to treat it as garbage. Make sure you store it in a place where it can breathe. That means, do not cover it with plastic. If you notice any dirt or spills, use a damp cloth to wipe it off. Hem problems are fixed easily with a dash of rubber cement. If you really want to fully clean it, do not buy at-home products such as waxes because it can block oxygen to the leather and make it smelly. If you have no idea how to fix it yourself, locate a leather cleaning specialist in the yellowpages.

Types of Leather Jackets:

There a whole range of leathers available for all types of shape, sizes, color and price. Depending on your style, you can choose a hot retro-feel and shiny blazers with smooth motorcross designs or long trenches.

Bomber Jacket: If you’re the outgoing type, bomber jackets are excellent fashion statement. In addition, they are very comfortable and warm.

Blazer: This style is usually worn as a sportswear and can be used for either indoors or outdoors. The features include reasonably wide lapels, small to medium shoulders and one button closure.

3/4 Length Coat: This jacket covers the upper body and thighs and with some brands, it can reach the top of the leg.

Trench Jacket: This covers around the hip length and a belt that is attached to the jacket, wraps around the waist.

There’s also imitation croc, alligator or snake type of leather and you can even choose bright colors for a flashy appearance.

Leather Jacket Cost

Leather jackets can range from an inexpensive $50 jacket to a few thousand dollars for the top of the range. However, a good leather jacket for women usually cost around about $250. You can usually pick up a good discounted leather jacket during the start of October when a lot of major retailers have sales.

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