The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in West Java

This is The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in West Java

Graphic Tourism Terminal Cikole – This time it is one of the tourist attractions in Cikole which is highly recommended to fill free time on weekends. Cikole is a popular place and is famous for its natural feel which has very cool air. Besides that, it is located at the foot of Mount Tangkuban Prahu which is perfect for eliminating boredom from the busy urban fatigue. The Cikole Graphic Terminal is famous because every building is designed to look like a dwarves’ house or what is commonly called a hobbit house. The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in West Java

The view of the Cikole Graphic Terminal is very beautiful. As far as the eye can see, there will be so many pine trees. Especially for capturing selfie photos, photos with family, even for pre-wedding photos, it’s very good. In terms of facilities and service, it is certainly very satisfying, guaranteed not to be disappointed. then the tour packages here are very varied and quite interesting. Ranging from flying fox, playing ATV, picking strawberries to paintball are also available. For lodging at the Graphic Cikole Terminal, starting from the Camping Ground to Hotels, they are also available. So don’t worry about being able to feel satisfied playing here because you can stay at the available lodging. There are interesting things here with a hilly place which is perfect for holding outbounds for both adults and children. To organize Family Gathering, Outbound, Fun Games to Offroad agendas contact here.

Activities at the Cikole Graphic Tourism Terminal
1. Flying Fox
2. Paint Balls
3. Outbound Adults and Children
4. Playing ATVs
5. Playing Angklung
6. Picking Strawberry Fruit

Cikole Tourism Terminal Facilities
To support customer satisfaction, the facilities and services that are supported must also be provided in full. Below are some of the facilities available:

1. Souvenir Shop
2. Mosque
3. Public Toilets
4. Restaurants
5. Large Parking Area
6. Lodging and Camping Ground

Location of Cikole Graphic Tourism Terminal
The location of the Graphic Cikole Tourism Terminal is on Jalan Raya Tangkuban Perahu KM 23, Cikole Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency. Located at an altitude of 1,900 above sea level close to the legendary Mount Tangkuban Prahu. An area of ​​about 9 hectares surrounded by thousands of pine forests. To get to this location from Bandung, it is enough to take about 1 hour by driving. Tours to Mount Tangkuban are also quite close to this area.

Jadi demikianlah informasi untuk kegiatan liburan disekitar tempat wisata cikole. Untuk harga paket wisata di cikole bisa hubungi HDG Team. Apalagi dengan paket yang ditawarkan cukup menarik dan pastinya terjangkau. Pastinya liburan bersama sahabat, saudara dan keluarga akan lebih seru dan memberikan pengalaman yang tak terbayarkan.

Pangandaran Beach With Its Charming White Sand

A vacation to Pangandaran will not be felt if you don’t visit this tourist spot in Pangandaran, namely Pangandaran Beach, Ciamis, West Java. The beach which for some people has always been an idol for tourism lovers in West Java. The beach, which on weekends and long holidays, is always full of tourists from various cities and countries.

Pangandaran Beach With Its Charming White Sand

Have you ever taken a family vacation to Pangandaran Beach?

If you haven’t, you should take the time to invite them. Because your vacation here will feel very memorable with its natural scenery and charming white sand. Not infrequently tourists who come to Pangandaran Beach are never bored to visit it every year. That’s because the place is very beautiful and there are also many interesting tourist spots to visit.

The location is located in Pangandaran Regency which is a tourist area of ​​expansion of Ciamis Regency. If it’s the holiday season, maybe the tourists who come can increase 2 times from weekend holidays.

Never inferior to Santolo Beach in Garut, West Java, the view on Pangandaran Beach is stunning. The waves on the beach that look captivating with the beauty of the cruise ships from the local community who work as fishermen make tourists who have just arrived feel amazed at the beach. The admiration also comes because they have visited this beach.

Most of the people in Pangandaran work as fishermen whose work starts in the afternoon to catch fish on the beach. There are many activities that you can do at Pangandaran Beach. What is commonly done by tourists who come is to enjoy the beauty near the shoreline with the fresh sea breeze. However, it is not uncommon for tourists to carry out other interesting activities such as cycling on the beach, taking cruise boats to be able to enjoy Pangandaran beach more deeply, or also enjoying other exciting activities such as parasailing and playing jetski which will make you feel like a holiday abroad.

For tourists who visit Pangandaran beach, it is clear that they want to enjoy the tourist attractions of this beach. Quite a lot of tourist spots that you can visit here. Maybe this tourist spot is really cool for you to capture the moment with a sea background and also big and charming waves. These spots include:

Pananjung Beach

Located west of the entrance to Pangandaran beach. Here you can enjoy the beautiful walks on the beach by enjoying the beauty of the beach water in the morning and evening. For tourists who like to soak in beach water, it is very suitable for a trip to Pananjung Pangandaran Beach because the waves are not that big. So for those of you who want to enjoy the charming white sand on Pangandaran beach, you can visit Pananjung Beach.

Not only that, near Pananjung Beach there is also a wildlife protection area. So besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the beach, here you can also see some animals that are protected by the local government such as: monkeys, deer, snakes, and many other animals.

The plus point is that here you will also be presented with other stunning destinations, namely in the form of a waterfall near Pangandaran beach. Can’t you imagine how beautiful it is to enjoy the beach with the beauty of the waterfall on the edge. To be able to enjoy it, you really don’t need to go far, but here you have to climb the hill to be able to see the beautiful view of the waterfall on the beach.

East Coast

It is clear from the name alone that it is the east coast, meaning that it is located east of the entrance to Pangandaran beach. On the east coast coast of Pangandaran, tourist spots are presented for those of you who like culinary. There are many menus of delicious seafood dishes on the east coast. These various seafood are original catches from the cruisers.

The east coast is also a complete marine culinary market, where you sell lots of catches from sea cruisers such as fish, squid and so on. So you can buy seafood souvenirs on this east coast. There are food recommendations that you must taste on the East Coast, namely Pangandaran sea fish.
Shopping Places or Souvenirs

In Pangandaran there is also a tourist attraction for shopping or souvenirs. There is an area that was deliberately made by the government for the surrounding community to earn a living or fortune to improve the economy of the surrounding community as well. Here presented a variety of interesting souvenirs for souvenirs to take home. Apart from that, Pangandaran special food is also served here, namely Jamaroti Fish and Salted Fish.

Tourism Facilities

Maybe for tourist facilities at Pangandaran Beach there are small stalls, fish markets, lodging, toilets, places to change clothes and so on. Lodging facilities are quite a lot available there. With prices that may be very affordable and the facilities may only be sober. The room is not that big but enough for 1 family to stay.

Beach Entrance Ticket

In the following I have a list for entrance tickets to the Pangandaran Beach tourist attraction. Maybe there are several lists because the visitors who come are different. Here’s the list!
Pedestrian Rp. 5,800,- / person
Motorcycle Rp. 13,500/
Sedan/Jeep Car Rp. 34.000,- /
Car Type Carry Rp. 65.000,- /
Many Passenger Vehicles Rp. 93.000,-
Small Bus / Elp Rp. 122.000,-
Medium Bus Rp. 186.000,-
Big Bus Rp. 307.000,-


Pangandaran Beach is located in Pangandaran Regency which is an expansion tour of Ciamis Regency and is located in the southeast of West Java. The full address is located in Pangandaran Village, Pangandaran District, West Java Province. Here’s the Google Maps. Follow the path on google maps if you don’t know the path.

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