Water Benefits During Pregnancy

water benefits during pregnancy

Water Benefits During Pregnancy

Pregnancy care can be done naturally by maintaining diet and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, some natural elements can help you in maintaining your health of the fetus, even you can easily do so without having to pay expensive as brisk walking, gymnastics pregnancy or using water. Elements contained in the water can provide benefits to you.

water benefits during pregnancy

1. Makes you relax
Many people who use the water for bathing and relaxation exercises to reduce stress and anxiety. For those of you who are pregnant can do outdoor sports course for pregnant women at risk of pregnancy is small, for those of you who will do the pools should consult a doctor or midwife to obtain information about your health. Swim during pregnancy will help relaxation and reduce stress, in addition to the advantages of using the exercise in the water like swimming will help you to overcome your weight during pregnancy because the water will help you in making free movement.

2. Preparation Childbirth
You can perform pregnancy exercises in the water without feeling weighed down due to water sports in a very pleasant and soothing. Exercise in water is ideal performed during pregnancy. It is associated with cardio-vascular workout without stress on the joints. Do aerobics in the water is great for getting fitness and provide comfort to the muscles, especially preparing for your labor.

3. Create More Optimal Fetal Position
By doing especially breaststroke swimming is the best way you can do to encourage the fetus is in the optimal position. With a hanging belly will help the fetal position in berkembangannya besides frog leg movements can push the pelvis to open up so much more room for the baby the best position.

4. Enjoy Your Pregnancy
Some women during pregnancy complain of body shape, while being in the water is the best way to temporarily forget about your body shape and has a light weight, free motion as long as you do the exercise. Water will provide the curve and the extra weight that will build on the growth of the baby.

5. Help Finding the best position to prepare waterbirth
For those of you who plan births in the water (water birth) you can do the exercises in the water first. Find a comfortable position that can support your labor. You can use the pool for exercise and relaxation and breathing exercises in the pool and get a calm mind in the water.

It is thus very important that you do the exercises in the water to get the benefits during pregnancy in addition do not forget to consume 8 glasses of water a day to prevent urinary tract infections, maintain stability in your body, facilitating the flow of nutrients through the blood to the baby and help in filling liquid amniotic missing besides drinking water will help you in preventing disease hiprtensi, kardiosvaskular and helps to reduce digestive problems like constipation and hemorrhoids. For those of you who have complaints of pregnancy like morning sickness (nausea and vomiting) should regularly consume drinking water after waking up.

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